Friday, July 22, 2011

Which One Is Your Scenario?

An American friend planned to go skiing in Lebanon; so, he asked me about my views on current situation in Lebanon, and whether it is safe to be there at present.

Actually, I found it so difficult to answer these questions due to several factors, including the rapid, dramatic change taking place in Lebanon and the world, in addition to the contradictory stands and announcements by politicians in Lebanon!

However, on Thursday, Jan. 20th, I tried to envision the future situation in Lebanon and the Middle East through two scenarios as my answer to my friend. My views at the moment are based on recent local and international news reports as well as local and international politicians input on the situation.

Of course there are other scenarios imagined by many people, but this is what is in mind so far, and of course I might be wrong!

PS This visual was created on Jan. 20, 2011. Five days later, the January 25th Revolution in Egypt began!

Love, Friendship & Peace!

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