Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waiting for the Sun to Rise in the Middle East!

This shot was taken in June 2006, during my working holiday in Beirut, a few weeks prior to the current terrifying crisis. The beaches then were not polluted and crossing bridges throughout the country was quite safe.



Bee said...

I have just learnt you were in hospital and hope you are feeling better now.
I have been following the news about Beirut closely. Several of the families at school are Lebanese and some were spending our July holidays (winter) in Lebanon when the bombing started.

I am shocked at how human beings in the 21st century call themselves "civilized" and commit such carnage. Haven't we learnt anything with history? Hatred and violence leads to more hatred and violence.

A friend in London has also posted some reflections and an appeal in her blog about this insane situation. Peace, love and strenght, Buth.

Warmest hugs from Brazil and take care of yourself,

Bee said...

At school mothers are collecting non-perishable food, clothes and donations which will be sent to a SOS Libano, a Brazilian organization opened to help Lebanon. All will be later flown by Brazilian military airplanes to Syria and forwarded to the Lebanese governemnt agency, Lebanon Under Siege.

buthaina said...

Thank you so much, Bee for your supportive words, and the encouraging news from Brazil. And thanks for sharing the links...

Love & peace!

buthaina said...
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