Thursday, November 17, 2011

R.I. P. "Pierre Amine Gemayel, Our Great martyr..."

So sorry that Lebanon and the entire Middle East lost such a great man as Pierre Gemayel!!

Pierre was well known for his wonderful economic campaign, titled "Made in Lebanon" in 2006 that aimed to revive Lebanese industrial sector in general. His plan and vision for his country would have definitely influenced and inspired other countries seeking growth, development, and prosperity in the ME Region. But, as always, such plans annoy the evil powers - (See the list of evil powers at the bottom of this post) - that naturally won't  allow such good dreams to actually occur since they would benefit poor people, in particular! This is because the evil powers won't be able to continue existing without those needy poor people. For them, poverty is a serious weapon through which they control and dominate people. They want needy people to stay under their control!

So, when men, like Pierre, present economic plans to help their poor fellow citizens to rise, to be enlightened, and to evolve to earn their own bread through decent jobs with pride and dignity that would also serve and improve their countries, the evil powers look at such plans (life blood suckers) as a terrifying threat to their own existence. Thus, the only method for evil powers to continue their being on Earth is by silencing good voices on Earth, such as that of Pierre!

R.I.P Pierre Gemayel. To learn more about Pierre Amine Gemayel, please go to

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